Outlook festival has come around for another year in the ever-amazing fort Punta Christio, Croatia. The festival showcases the most exciting lineups that the sound system culture has to offer, year upon year – and 2018 is no different!

We’ve compiled a list of five artists not to miss at this year’s festival.



In recent years Skeptical has been the master behind some of the most damaging drum and bass to date, yet he manages to keep his elegance to make each of his tracks sound complex in style, yet so minimalistic.

As each year goes by, Skeptical has kept going from strength to strength and has notched up some outstanding releases on highly recommended imprints such as Metalheadz, Dispatch Recordings, Soul:R and his primary platform of late Exit Records, of which he recently released his ‘Enjoy this trip’ LP showcasing the  true raw sounds of Skeptical. Alongside his impressive back catalogue of releases, he was also voted ‘Best Alternative Artist’ at the 2017 UK Drum & Bass awards.

His technical ability behind the decks is enough to get any crowd going with his fast pace mixing and jaw-dropping track selection. He’s an artist, already on the path to being one of the greats.

At this year’s outlook festival, you can catch Skeptical playing on the exit records boat party and at the Metalheadz X Exit Records X star Warz takeover on Thursday at the garden stage. His sets have always been a highlight for us and we’re sure his performances at outlook this year will be nothing less than awe-inspiring



There’s no doubt that Randall is one of the most influential DJs within the Drum and Bass scene and overall ‘rave’ movement.

He’s been a pioneer within the industry from the late 80s, through to this day and is often known as the ‘DJs, DJ’, consistently producing unforgettable sets with his highly-prized dubplate selections.

Over his time in the industry he has created a reputation of being known as one of the greats, solidifying himself in major record labels such as Metalheadz and Dispatch Recordings, not to mention his highly successful own music label Mac 2 Recordings, releasing some of the hottest names old and new in the DNB genre today.

You can catch DJ Randall performing on boat parties, the VOID and the garden stage at this year’s Outlook and if you’re looking for a highlight set to tell your friends about we believe his will be one of them!


Doc Scott

A true veteran to the D&b game, Doc Scott has helped create and play a pivotal role in the scene since its introduction in the 90’s. Alongside Goldie, Randall, Fabio & Grooverider, he has helped elevate the genre to what it is today.

In the mid-nineties, he grew in popularity, particularly for his Metalheadz Blue Note sessions and his timeless Metalheadz release of ‘VIP Drumz’.

Over the years, Doc released his own label imprint ‘31 Records’, which showcased some of the scenes biggest artists today in their earlier days. Having recently relaunched the label he has released some set shakers such as Bungle – cocooned and J-Kenzo Rum Punch VIP.

Doc Scott is renowned for pushing the boundaries of his sets and always trialling something new, hitting new depths in the genre that few have heard. Doc quoted “I’m a DJ who plays for tomorrow, if you play for today you’re yesterday. I’m a DJ! Tomorrows beats are always the most interesting”.

Once you have watched Doc play once you instantly appreciate the quote and quickly get a taste for tomorrow and by the end of the set craving the music of the future.

At this year’s outlook festival Doc is playing B2B with Randall. When you combine Randall’s golden selection of dubplates and Doc Scott’s quest for the new music of tomorrow we don’t even want to comprehend how good this set will be. For us were already going to make a judgement call that this set will go down in the history books of outlook festival.



Break is one of Drum & Bass most hard thinking creative producers the genre has to offer. Over his vast career as a DJ and producer he’s racked up an impressive back catalogue of releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Soul:R, Shogun Audio, Exit Records, Subtitles and Sofa Sound. Alongside these labels Break also runs his own highly successful label Symmetry Recordings. This has allowed Break to really push his musical output the way he’s wanted already releasing 4 solo albums alongside a heap of E.P’s and singles from the likes of DLR, Calibre and Xtrah.

It can be argued that Break’s remixing abilities are one of the best about bringing timeless classics such as Dr Meaker ‘Right Back’ and Dillinja ‘Hard Noise’ a fresh breath of life with his signature style of crisp breaks, strong melodies and heavy hitting bass patterns are key trademarks that singles a break tune out from the rest!

Breaks love for fast pace sets and desire to always keep the crowd on their toes is one of the reasons why he is so admired both by the industry and the public. No two sets are the same with Break and you’re guaranteed to hear music from him that you’ll be talking about for months on end!

At this year’s outlook festival, break is bringing symmetry recordings to the boats and the fort! Hosting a symmetry recordings boat party and collaborating with Dispatch Recordings at the void stage.


Twisted Sounds

Who is Twisted Sounds, you ask? Until a couple of months ago, this label was unknown to us too. We attended their Outlook launch party in Hereford where they hosted Doc Scott, Xtrah and ‘Johnny Be Good’ frontman of Gentlemen’s Dub Club and caught their set at El dorado festival and we were blown away by the energy they bring to the dancefloor.

Twisted Sounds, AKA ‘TS Audio’ are a Herefordshire born and bred crew. They’re made up of 6 Djs and 2 Mc’s, each with their own unique style of drum and bass. The label has been up for only two years and supported some heavyweight names such as Jubei, Spectrasoul, Ed:it, Arkaik, Jam Thieves and QZB.

Each DJ bounces off the next with the pace constantly changing from dark to liquid to rollers through to the techy side. The Mc’s have a unique compatibility with one and other and bring a serious vibe.

You can catch the TS audio crew on one of the smaller stages at this year’s outlook festival so make sure you keep an eye out for them in this year’s outlook programme.

Here is some Twisted Sounds to get you prepped for Outlook 2018 in Croatia.