Anton Powers is in the midst of an enviable winning streak. Over the past year, the veteran DJ and producer has amassed over 66 million streams thanks to the success of ‘Alone No More’, the Pixie Lott assisted ‘Baby’ and most recently ‘Heart for Sale’. Not one to covet his success, Anton Power’s industry influence has led to a well-respected run as Head of A&R at the 3 Beat label. There he has masterminded projects from celebrated artists such as Armand Van Helden, Martin Solveig and Sigma. For insight behind his multi-disciplinary music career, BBM Live reached out to Anton Powers to discuss working with enlisting the likes of Tough Love, The Golden Boy and Apollo for remixes. While also taking the time to chat about home comforts and his favourite cities.”

Hi Anton, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! ‘Heart for Sale’ has had a whirlwind of success, already amassing nearly 1 million streams. How do you feel about the way the new single has been received?
Really happy, it’s something a little different to what I have released before and what I have coming up, but felt I needed people to hear this side also. Really blessed & thankful people have had faith in me and the song and supported it

You’ve recently consolidated the success of the song by dropping a series of vibrant remixes which saw you enlist Tough Love, The Golden Boy and Apollo. Of all the choices you had – why did you decide to bring on these three?
Big fan of Tough Love and The Golden Boy and thought mixes from them would open the song to other angles. And love giving new blood an opportunity in Apollo, who nailed it. Plus E-Squire and PBH & Jack Shizzle I love too and they both delivered big time!

‘Heart for Sale’ is the follow up to ‘Baby’ and ‘Alone No More’ which were also major smashes for you. What do you think is behind this winning streak?
I just like to make music with great hooks, melodies and vocals. Like to have songs that work great at 2am on the dancefloors and equally at 2pm on the radio/streaming sites.

You truly have your hand in a variety of different pots. In addition to your DJ/producer duties, you also head up the A&R department for 3 Beat Records and host a radio show on Capital FM. How does one juggle all these demanding mediums?
I generally split the weeks in half, so 1 half is when I tend to be office based as A&R for the 3 Beat record label that includes a roster of artists from Kungs, Sigma, M-22, High Contrast, Martin Jensen & many others. The other half of the week is taken up in the studio, doing my radio show, DJing, sorting promos etc.

Does each role feed you and your creativity in a different way? And do you have a preference?
I love them all equally and think myself very lucky to be able to do jobs I love and always thankful for that. They definitely all co-exist really well together and help each other out. For example, I could be sent a new song to sign for the record label. I then play it on my radio show, it gets a great reaction and I then commit to signing it and developing it. That’s definitely happened a few times before!

How does your role as an A&R executive inform your own music and vice versa? And what are the biggest lessons you’ve taken since being appointed to work behind the scenes?
I have a unique perspective and outlook as it gives me a wider view point and a practical mindset. On the one hand, I understand what the record label wants and needs and on the other hand I understand how the artist is thinking and can combine both trains of thought so we have a strong team bond & a goal that works for all parties.

Shifting gears a little bit, what are some of your favourite local pubs and restaurants to visit when back in Liverpool?
Gusto restaurant has always been a fave, top quality food and would definitely recommend there if you’re in the city. Same with Dia & Noche, great cocktails and tapas. Both these places are in the Albert Dock and Bold Street area’s of Liverpool which are really cosmopolitan places. Great vibe and atmosphere and lots to do and see in these places.

What home comforts do you miss most when you’re away?
Sleeping in my own bed is the big one, nothing like your own bed is there! And just doing everyday normal things like watching Everton play football (which hasn’t been good this season tbh)!

Is there a city in the world you would love to potentially move to one day?
I always used to say New York, what a place! BUT I don’t think I could live there 24/7 as its pure non-stop and you defo need a chill now and again. LA would be great, seems to have everything and love visiting there. Australia would be a sick place to live too and obviously Ibiza has a special place in my heart.

What are your most prized travel essentials when touring?
My mac and iPhone – totally lost without those, my little travel size bottle of Creed Aventus after-shave, always gotta smell nice! And of course my USBs for DJing, I have nightmares about losing those!