Hailing from Albury, NSW and based in Melbourne, The Northern Folk are a collective of ten musical ambitionists spreading their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock into the roots of small towns and big cities alike. Combining two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion, their big, diverse sound proves flexible both on stage and on record and is continuing to earn them a following wherever they travel.

Who are you, and what do you do?
We are The Northern Folk and we play frisbee. Sometimes we take a break from frisbee to play music.

Describe your sound in three words.
Eclectic, melodic and adrenocorticotropic.

Where did you all meet and how long have you been playing music together?
Nine tenths of us hail from Albury where we met either at school, via the local music scene or by virtue of being siblings- we’ve been together for about six years.

When was the last time you hung out together outside of music?
Six of us live together in a creaky East Melbourne shack, so we hang out there. Two members of the band are dating, two work together and we just generally can’t escape each other’s company if we try.

Have you played any international stages? If so, where was your favorite? If not, where would you love to play?
We haven’t played overseas, partly due to the fact that our entire band can’t fit on an Airbus A380. If we ever manage to get overseas, South by Southwest would be incredible.

What are some of your biggest influences as a band?
As a result of a very inclusive writing process, the band has a variety of influences ranging from folk/americana, to pop/rock, to jazz and more. Paul really wants the band to have a more Backstreet Boys sort of vibe, but let’s not talk about that.

What can’t you live without?
Water, food, shelter and dogs.

Where in the world has been the most inspiring place you’ve visited?
Woodford Folk Festival has been one of the most inspiring places we’ve been. With so many diverse national and international artists it’s hard to not be motivated coming out of that festival.

Name some of your favourite artists from your neck of the woods.
Depends on which neck of the woods we’re talking about! There’s too many amazing, hard-working artists in Melbourne to name- but The Maes are always on regular rotation for us. And in Albury, The Hounds Homebound are stars.

Where would you say is The Northern Folk’s second home / most frequented place on earth?
Although Albury will always be home for us, Melbourne is for sure a second home to us now. We’re lucky enough to feel like locals in both places.

Your latest single ‘Get On’ was released last year. When can we expect more music from The Northern Folk?
We’ve just released a new song into the world called ‘Cold’, which we’re very excited about. And it’s the first single from an upcoming album, so there’ll be more to come next year.

Where do you prefer to write, in comfy known environments, or in new unfamiliar places?
We ALWAYS write whilst suspended from a large green hot air balloon.

Where and when can we see The Northern Folk perform next?
We’re doing a single launch for Cold on November 18 at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne; and we’re following it up with a run of festivals, including Bendigo Blues, By The Banks in Albury, Woodford, and more next year. Hope to see some friendly faces out there!

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