Future bass has a new rising star and he’s one of Australia’s own: ËMMË.

Sydney-sider ËMMË has been pushing all the right buttons (metaphorically and physically) with his synth drenched productions – gaining attention on a global scale. Clocking a grand total of well over 1 million Spotify hits with tracks such as ‘Good Love’ and ‘Bad Mind’, the little-known producer can also lay claim to a huge amount of airtime on Australian radio with ‘Good Love’ coming in at the 15th most played song nation-wide.

ËMMË has also seen support from some huge names such as Herobust, DJ 4B, Laidback Luke, LUUDE, Jackal, Slander and more. When commenting on the artist tastemaker blog Pilerats said “ËMMË is an emerging Sydney-based producer we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while” – and we tend to agree.

Now ËMMË has returned with his next offering and it’s got just as much promise if not more than its predecessors. Enter ‘Pass Me By’, an uplifting journey released on America’s Elysian Records, a label which has in excess of 50 million Soundcloud streams. There’s little doubt the future is bright for this young Aussie, so you best keep your eye on him too.

Listen to ‘Pass Me By’ here. > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX2NQ6jTSz4