Beats Travellers take their travel seriously, and with serious travel comes a need for serious gadgets. Whether you’re a digital nomad exploring the world while you work or a professional short break adventurer, being prepared for your trip is essential. The average packing guide will dribble on about sun cream and clean pants but we’re professional travellers here so we’re packing the real essentials.

Here’s our essential packing guide for the best travel tech and gadgets.

Go Pro Travel Gadget

Go Pro – The Go Pro has been a solid contender for the leading tech gadget on Beats Travel tours for years

Insta 360 Pro – May be you’re too professional for a Go Pro, Don’t worry we found a solution. It’s Insta360 Pro, The most professional 360 camera money can buy.



E-CigsE-Cigarettes won’t be on your essential packing guides but if you’re a smoker we urge you to think about the environment. We’re travelling to some amazing locations on our tours and we don’t like leaving cigarette butts behind.

Smart Phones – Seriously, smart phones are an absolute essential. You’ll be amazed at where you can pick up 4G on our tours.

Digital SLR Camera – If you haven’t got one yet, get one. Don’t be that guy who comes home after a trip to an amazing location with only photos from your phone. A good digital SLR camera will last for years and believe us, you’ll want to remember the locations we’re going to take you to.


Essential Travel Tech For 2018

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole – A rechargeable foot warmer, operated by a wireless remote control while the foot warmer is inside your shoes or boots. 


Essential Travel Tech For 2018

Solar Power Travel Charger – How many time have you had to choose between posting an amazing travel picture to instagram and saving the battery for later. Well, with solar power battery bank you shouldn’t have to go through that battle.

Essential Travel Tech For 2018

MeFoto Air tripods – If you’re a travelling photographer, you know the struggle you have to go through to pack those bulky tripods. MeFoto Air tripods solves all those problems with its light weight and extremely carry-on friendly make. That’s not all the centre column is removable and doubles as a Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick for your phone.


Tiger drinking water, Essential Travel Tech For 2018

Lifestraw – It’s nice to be like tigers sometimes when you’re out and about in the woods, camping, hiking or backpacking, but not when it comes to drinking outdoor water. That’s where the Lifestraw comes in, this straw is able to filter a full 1,000 litres of water, transforming contaminated sources into clean drinking water. Just like the name says it can save your life.


girl in a rain coat, Essential Travel Tech For 2018

Weatherproof Phone case – Last not lease, it is not a tech gadget, but we felt it is so important, it had to make the list. Raincoat is a good idea, but we are not sure it will keep your phone safe from the rain. And the last thing we want is you to get upset if your mobile gets rained on, or fall into a puddle. So maybe, a weatherproof case should be on your next shopping list.