For our first 'Get to know' feature of 2020, we welcome London-based indie/dance trio Benin City. We chat about how they met, their London hangout spots and favourite UK artists.

You can stream their latest single here ‘What A Time’ here.

Where are you from?

South London.

How did you come up with the name Benin City?

Josh: My parents are from Benin City, we thought we’d call it that til we thought of a better name and it kinda stuck.

How did you meet?

Josh: We all kinda met on the scene: introduced by a mate (Tom and I) or saw each other at a gig and talked about working together (Shanaz and I).

What inspired ‘What A Time’?

Shanaz: Josh had made a demo instrumental that felt like the makings of a party tune.  I'd recently came out as queer and started to go to more parties and clubs, so when I started writing to it, the song ended up embodying the duality of feeling free and young, whilst simultaneously being weighed down by the doldrum of adulting, being broke, being an 'other' in society.  

So it's like a 'live your best life' anthem, but a bit cynical at the same time.

How would you best describe your sound?

Dance Pop!

What are your London hangout spots?


Eat - any Nigerian restaurant in SE London.

Sleep - Proper weird Q, this.


Party - Wherever there’s a live show, really.


Eat - Borough Market because I can never choose just one thing (and they have EVERY thing).  Also, a little hole in the wall called Pizzeria Italiana in Catford, which is my secret 3rd date spot.

Pizzeria Italiana

Sleep - any long journey on a Southeastern Train.

Chill - any of the many corners of the Royal Festival Hall where there's tons of random sofas and comfy nooks to work/meet.  If you're cheap like me you can bring your own food and it drink lol

Party - Steamdown at Matchstick Piehouse in Deptford & LICK events if you're a womxn who loves womxn.

What UK artists should we be listening to?

Josh: Amaroun, Francobollo, Chagall, Rachel K Collier. There is a list.

Shanaz: Rachel Chinouriri, Azekel, Obonjayar

Benin City with Rachel K Collier.

What’s coming up next…

Some damn glorious music, I tell you.

Thanks team!

You can keep up to date with Benin City on their socials below.