Are you planning a trip to Iceland? Either to check out the beautiful landscapes or to attend the epic festival scene. One thing is for sure that Iceland is definitely becoming a most popular holiday destination. Find out below of how you can drink the Icelandic way and experience this country the way its meant to be.

  1. Brennivn: Brennivn is unquestionably the famous and also the national drink of Iceland. It’s an unsweetened Schnapps that is made from potato mash along with caraway seeds, cumin and angelica. It has a very strong yet distinctive taste. Its called as ‘Black Death’ in reference to its original bottle which featured a white skull on a black label.

brennivin Iceland Drink

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  1. Reyka Vodka: This is one well-known brand which makes vodka. It’s pretty famous all over the world. It has a smooth taste to it alongside with a touch of vanilla. The water that is used comes from a 4,000-year-old lava field. The lava rocks are naturally filled with glacial water which makes it one of the purest vodka in the world. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Reyka Iceland

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  1. Icelandic Beer: beer is pretty common and is definitely the cheapest form of alcohol you’ll find in Iceland. You can try out the following Icelandic breweries such as Thule, Gullfoss, Viking, Egils, Kaldi, Gullfoss, Skjálfti which have a wheat beer, smoked beers, fruit beers and much more. If you love beer, you’ll love this place even more.

Iceland beer drinks

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  1. Ísafold Gin: this is another drink which is quite popular amongst the Icelanders. It’s a dry gin with a smooth taste that’s goes along with it.

isafold gin Iceland drink

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  1. Malt and Appelsin: these are the favourites when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks amongst the Icelanders. Appelsin is more of a fruity soda and malt is a dark and sweet drink recommended for stomach upsets.

malt and appelsin

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