Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron’s music possesses a power that is immediately arresting. Based in Melbourne, Cameron has established herself as a captivating musician to watch. Through evocative lyrics Cameron explores a range of themes and feelings, maintaining a voice that is both assured and insightful.
In addition to her solo project, Cameron also performs with several Melbourne based bands and musicians including On Diamond, Clio, and Grand Salvo.

What’s your name and what do you?

My name is Hannah and I’m a singer/songwriter/music maker.

What kind of music do you play? What best describes your sound?

My music is probably best described as alternative folk.

What would you say is your biggest influence?

I think I’m most influenced and inspired by the people around me. Particularly all of the amazing musicians I am so lucky to be surrounded by this wonderful city (of Melbourne).

Where’s the best club/venue you’ve ever played?

A few years ago I did a little tour of Japan with On Diamond and we played a show in this beautiful town called Matsumoto. The venue was called Give Me A Little More and it was owned and run by a guy called Nimi who was just the ultimate host. We stayed at his friend
Atsuko’s place around the corner had dinner after the show with them and a bunch of their friends and had breakfast with Nimi and Atsuko the next morning. The show itself felt amazing because the audience was just so warm and excited by what we were doing and the whole experience just left a lasting impression because it felt so personal and connected.

And the best festival?

I recently played at Bello Winter Music festival and that was a pretty special time. Beautiful venues, audiences, and music.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that you feel has influenced your life and music that you play/produce?
I think that travel is inherently influential and inspiring. I wouldn’t say that there’s one place that has inspired me more than anywhere else but there have been periods of travel that have been creatively bountiful. When I was about 22 I spent a month in New York and a month in Berlin and I wrote a large amount of the material off my first album between those two places. I also did a lot of listening during that time and discovered a lot of artists that I now count as my biggest influences.

Where’s your hometown?

I grew up in Brisbane and made the big move to Melbourne when I finished school.

What’s your favorite local bar/restaurant/bar/club?

One of my favorite places in Melbourne is Gerald’s Bar in Carlton North. Very cozy vibes with delicious food and vino.

Where’s your favorite clubbing destination?

I regret to say that I’m not really a big clubber these days but I did have many a good night at Cherry Bar in my youth…

Is there something you can’t travel without?

Boring answer but my laptop. And a neck pillow. I was also given these packing bags by my parents for Christmas which has allowed my OCD to reach new heights. There are specific bags for clothes, shoes, socks, undies, toiletries, chargers. Wild times.

What travel destination would you recommend our readers add to their bucket list?

I think Iceland is pretty special. I visited Reykjavik for a week in 2015 and it completely blew me away. The scenery there is of course totally breathtaking (you walk down the hill from the main street and you’re looking out across a lake surrounded by snow capped mountains) but it also somehow strikes the ultimate balance between a small country town and a big city. It has the fresh air and community of a small town with the art, music, and culture of a major capital city. I was also there in summer so it was endless daylight which was pretty incredible.

You’ve just released your new album I Lay Where You Lie, what location did you record it in?

The album was recorded in Melbourne and mixed in Japan. We mostly worked out of a studio in Brunswick but the vocals were tracked at SoundPark in Northcote. When tracking was complete we sent it off to be mixed by Joe Talia who’s based in Tokyo before it was mastered
here in Melbourne by Lachlan Carrick.

Did you write any of the album tracks while traveling or are any inspired by traveling?

I wrote No Pen of Mine when I was on a train from London to Paris. When I travel I often feel this loss of control over my life and it kind of stresses me out and makes it really hard for me to be on “holiday”. This song is in part about those feelings and trying to find comfort and freedom in that loss of control.

Where can we see you play over the next few months?

I’ll be playing in Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club on August 9th, Brisbane at The Junk Bar on August 10th, Castlemaine at The Bridge Hotel on August 18th and Sydney at Golden Age Cinema and Bar on August 25th.

Any current travel plans for the rest of 2018 outside of touring or for touring?

I’m actually heading to the US in September/October which I’m pretty excited about! My friends are getting married in Michigan (right on the lake) which I hear is super beautiful. I’m there for a month so I’m also planning to visit New York and a few other places. Recommendations welcome!