What’s your name and what do you do?

A: I’m Luis, I produce music under the moniker Luboku.

Where do you currently live?

A: Melbourne, I love it here.

Who serves Melbourne’s best coffee?

A: Ohhh there is a pretty good selection of fine artisan coffee in Melbourne, my personal favorite is Padre.

What’s the perfect night after breakfast and where do you get it?

A: There’s this little place in carlton called Industry Beans. They absolutely kill breakfasts – best food I’ve ever eaten.

Name 5 local artists we should be following?

A: 1. Jeffe 2. Tobiahs 3. Orcha 4. Kult Kyss 5. Hemm

What was your top club night that you played in 2018?

The closest thing to a club night that I played this year was supporting Willaris K at Hugs & Kisses in Melbourne. Sweaty, loud, awesome.

And your most memorable festival and why?

A: Actually, this IS my first festival.. so this will be it!

What are you doing this New Years Eve?

A: Keeping my options open for the moment. But this has been an incredible year so I’ll make sure I see it off in style.

And where will you be New Years Day?

A: Playing a sneaky show I believe…

Which artists at LTEC are you looking forward to seeing?

A: Peggy Gou! Cannot wait for her set. Also, Opiou and Bicep. I mean the whole line is pretty spot on you are making this hard…

And finally, can you recommend any live sets from youtube we should check out?

A: Anything that Nils Frahm does is inspiring and beautiful, one of the most amazing live electronic acts.