The Attics

Hailing from Colac, in Victoria’s West, The Attics craft their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psych-pop. Built of jangly guitars and ear-worming bass hooks, their sound evokes images of shimmering sunsets fading into the flickering disco lights of a Summer festival. Performing relentlessly into the beginning of 2017, multiple interstate tours and support slots with Ali Barter, Harts, Abbe May, The Pretty Littles and The Magic Bones placed the band in front of audiences nationwide in Australia’s formative band rooms and favorite small festivals. The Attics have recently released the first single ‘Ultramarine’ from forthcoming album number two.

What’s your name and what do you?

I’m Cameron, and I write and record music under the name The Attics alongside by brother Ben, bass player, Steven, and drummer, Peter.

What kind of music do you play? What best describes your sound?

A breezy brand of psych-pop. Our style is very melody-centric; starting with sugary guitar hooks and building outwards without overthinking. We want our music to feel lush and layered without it becoming complicated.

What would you say is your biggest influence?

It’s hard to pick a single influence on our band. We’re all keen followers of local music and it definitely rubs off on what we want to write. Our passion for Melbourne music even pushed us into starting a festival with our mates 5 years ago – By The Meadow.

At the other end of the scale, super high-gloss pop music and its shiny production is another place I’m drawn to for inspiration. It probably doesn’t reflect in our sound, but it’s often the beginning for a bunch of ideas that make their way into our music.

Where’s the best club/venue you’ve ever played?

All local bedrooms have their own quirks that you get to know. Bar Open is a real dive, but playing there creates such a cozy feeling – it’s probably one of my favorite local spots. Maybe Old Bar for similar reasons…

And the best festival?

By The Meadow (but we might be biased – see above)

Where’s the most unique festival you’ve been to and what was so special?

Meredith/Golden Plains: Very popular, but I’d still say they’re the most unique festival experiences I have had (over and over again). There’s an atmosphere in the Supernatural Amphitheatre (‘Sup for short) at these festivals that does not exist at any other event. It’s like a perfectly balanced temporary community.

What was the most difficult festival you ever went to and was it worth it?

We played at Indie Week in Canada last year. I was living in Detroit at the time, it was snowing most of the way to Toronto and I hadn’t put myself to bed at a reasonable time the night before. 5 hours of driving, slippery road, snow on the windshield, big headache. Difficult, but an experience I probably won’t get to have again.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that you feel has influenced your life and music that you play/produce?

Travel always influences our writing. It’s often where songs start as voice memos on my phone before I get to come home and turn them into something. My time in Detroit last year formed most of the music we’re now recording and performing.

Where’s your hometown?

Colac. Western-Victoria.

What’s your favorite local bar/restaurant/club?

Marquis Of Lorne, Collingwood / IGNI, Geelong $$$ / Night Cat can be fun

Where’s your favorite clubbing destination?

I don’t think anyone in our band could ever pretend to be an expert on clubbing. I did get a real buzz out of spending time in Berlin’s clubs for a week or so when I was younger, does that count?

Is there something you can’t travel without?

Not really. My laptop if I can afford to fit it into my carry on, but I can record ideas to my phone if I can’t.

What travel destination would you recommend our readers add to their bucket list?

Japan. If I had to pick only one.

Where was the most surprising place you discovered a big musical influence?

I love to experience music differently when I travel, but I don’t feel as though it influences what the band’s doing back home. I definitely got a buzz out of watching jazz in a Nagasaki bar and soaking up all the techno a Berlin club can offer but it doesn’t necessarily translate across to our music.

You have a new single ‘Ultramarine’ out, where was this written and recorded?

Ultramarine was largely written and recorded in the weeks prior to me heading overseas last year. We had a bit of an itch to work on something brand new and make it really quickly after spending 6 months getting our debut album together. It was recorded with Isaac Barter (Canary, Life Is Better Blonde, Didirri) and edited via email back and forward between Zac in Geelong and myself Detroit.
When I came home, we passed the song on to Steve Schram (Tiny Little Houses, Dorsal Fins, Paul Kelly, San Cisco) to create the final mix.

Should we expect an EP or album this year?

I wouldn’t lock in an album this year, but we’d love to finish another one eventually. So maybe sometime next year.

Where can we see you play over the next few months?

We’ll be launching the single at The Grace Darling on August 24.
We’ve also got a little duo performance opening for Merpire on August 2.
More to come!