Having carved a reputation as one of dance music’s most exciting and innovative acts, Jauz has elevated himself to the summit of the bass sub-genre in recent years. His top tier productions have caught the eye of artist heavyweights including Skrillex and Diplo, with the latter signing his anthem ‘Feel The Volume’ to his esteemed ‘Mad Decent’ label in 2014, surging towards 12 million Spotify streams in the process.

As likely to produce chill trap as he is future garage, and occasionally tipping into the more heavy side of dubstep, Jauz has cemented a reputation as one of dance music’s most versatile acts, displaying his eclectic dynamism across collaborations with the likes of Slushii, Marshmello, and most recently, DJ Snake; on storming anthem‘Gassed Up.’

What’s your name and what do you do?

My name is Sam, I produce music and perform as a DJ around the world under the name Jauz.What kind of music do you play?

Just about any genre, electronic or not, that you could imagine… I’ve been known to play everything from 80’s pop throwbacks, metal, rap, and more all in between all kinds of electronic music ranging from deep/tech house all the way up thru dubstep and drum and bass.

What would you say is your biggest influence?

I don’t think that’s a fair question because your message as an artist is a collection of all the influence you’ve acquired over the years, I wouldn’t be Jauz without every single influence I’ve ever had, positive or negative. And there’s so many different influences I’ve had over the years it’s not just fair to pick one. When I was really young I loved boy-band pop, when I got a bit older I got really into bay area hip-hop (EG Mac Dre, E 40, Too Short, etc), then just before high school I started playing guitar and fell in love with metal and rock and roll. Then getting into electronic music I transitioned from metal to dubstep, listening to Skream, Benga, Excision, Caspa, all the Circus records guys, etc. As I got farther into electronic music I started discovering all the different genres, both heavy and light and started to fall in love with all of it. I think my eclectic background in musical tastes helped shaped my broad range of tastes in electronic music, and why I’m so adamant on making people realize that it’s OK to listen to more than just one kind of music.

Where’s the best club you’ve ever played?

It’s really hard to pick one, but I always seem to have some of my best shows ever at Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany. I’m pretty sure most DJ’s you’d ask would probably mention Bootshaus as well. It’s such a special place. The sound is insane, the SFX are ridiculous (there are flames that shoot down off the ceiling), everyone who works there is so awesome, and the crowd has to be one of the best in the entire world. I’m pretty sure you could play Celine Dion and they would still spread out and smash into each other wall-of-death style at the “drop”, or chorus or whatever.

And the best festival?
I just got back from Electric Forest in Michigan, which is a festival I’ve been wanting to play for YEARS. I made sure I stayed out there the whole weekend just so I could get the real experience of the whole festival, and I’m so glad I did it. The fans, the stages, all the installation in the forest, every single part of it makes that festival so incredibly special. I don’t really know if there’s anything else like it in the states, except for Shambhala in Canada which is also definitely one of my favorite places to play. I love my huge, over the top festivals as much as the next guy but there’s something so special about getting to go out into a forest in the middle of nowhere and experience music and festival culture in a whole new light. Everyone is so happy, friendly, easy going. Everyone just has fun and that’s it.

What was the most difficult festival you ever went to and was it worth it?

In 2016 I did basically the entire Ultra Asia run, I think I did 6 or 7 different countries with them. We had just spent 4 incredible days off in Bali, before the Ultra there, and right after the show, we had to go straight to the airport to take a redeye into Hong Kong for Ultra there, as I was playing at like 3PM. Obviously, we got no sleep which was fine, I was super excited to check out Hong Kong for my first time. We went straight from the airport in HK to the festival ground, and right as we got to the fest I got a call from my manager Moe. Something had happened that prevented Hardwell from being able to play Ultra Philippines that same night, and they wanted me to fill in. They found a flight for me that left less than 2 hours after my set in HK ended, and I had to literally run for my life the second my set ended to the car, thru the airport, etc. and BARELY made the flight to the Philippines. We landed, drove straight to the show, and played again, and by the time I was done we had about 2 hours to rest before we got back on a plane to head to the next festival. The travel sucked, I didn’t get to see HK OR Manila which also sucked, but I got to play two epic ass shows so in the end I think it was worth it!
Where’s your hometown?
I grew up in Marin County, California just outside of San Francisco. If you drive out of SF on the golden gate bridge, we’re the first place you hit. It was an incredible place to grow up, but not so much fun for a teenager trying to go out and experience life haha! Luckily SF was just a 15 minute car ride away and I spent a lot of nights going to metal shows at the famous venues out there like Regency Ballroom, DNA Lounge, Warfield, etc.
What’s your favourite local bar/restaurant/bar/club?
I’m a pretty big food snob, so this is a really tough question. I think I have to give a shout out here to my favorite place in LA, Steampunk Cafe in North Hollywood. I used to live right down the street from there, and after the first time I went there I loved it so much I ended up going back pretty much every single day for a whole year. My wallet couldn’t handle it back then but I didn’t really care, it was that worth it haha. The owner, Amy, ended up becoming like my second mom just because I was there that much. The food is incredible, the coffee is second to none, and everyone who works there is awesome. I live pretty far away from there now and I miss it every single day.
Where’s your favourite clubbing destination?
My bed! Haha. If I’m at home there’s just about a 0% chance that I’m going to go out to a club, I’m out so much on the road that my idea of fun is hanging out at home with my friends playing video games. It’s something that I used to do so much and take for granted, and now I really appreciate every time I can take a breather and get some game time in.
What travel destination would you recommend our readers add to their bucket list?
TOKYO. I’m sure everyone says it but I’ll say it again. I’ve been to a lot of places in my life but never fallen in love with a place so deeply and so quickly as I did with Tokyo. The culture, the people, the food, the architecture, and infrastructure, it’s all just perfect. I’d really love to move there at some point in my life, even if it’s just for a couple months. Australia (the whole country) also deserves more than an honorable mention, second to Tokyo it’s my favorite place on earth. I have no doubt I’ll move to Australia someday and raise my kids there.
Where was the most surprising place you discovered a big musical influence?
Last year I went to Ibiza with a whole crew of homies, as we were all playing a few shows there over the course of a couple weeks. One night we ended up at Privilege and barely just caught the last 5 minutes of Sasha/Digweed, which was cool, but the DJ who played after them played one of the most fun tech house sets I had ever heard. I had started getting into that world just recently at that point and I think that set really put me over the edge and solidified my love for that sound. I have no idea who that was but shoutout to that dude!

Jauz Tour Dates

July 20 – Tomorrowland – Belgium
July 21 – Parookaville – Germany
July 27 – Tomorrowland – Germany
August 18 – Frequency Fest – Austria
August 24 – New Horizons – Germany
August 25 – Reading Festival – UK
August 26 – SW4 – UK
August 27 Leeds Festival – UK