The Kite String Triangle Talks Skittering Beats, Brisvegas and drum circles in Brazil

What’s your name and what do you do? 
My name’s Danny Harley and I perform under the moniker The Kite String Tangle. I write and produce solo, but like to perform live with a drummer.

What kind of music do you play? 
The music I write and play is emotionally driven, alternative electronic with vocals.

What would you say is your biggest influence? 
Lyrically I draw from my own experiences, and the experiences of those around me and try to be honest as much as possible. Musically I really like underground, skittering beats and most of my favourite artists seem to be from Europe for some reason, so I take allot of influence from that.

Where’s the best club you’ve ever played?
 I really liked Paradiso in Amsterdam, it has a reputation for being one of the best venues to perform. I got to play there on my recent UK/Europe tour and it really was so streamlined and effortless. Such a pleasure.

And the best festival? 
I’ve played Splendour in the Grass twice, and it was incredible both times. It really is the Coachella of Australia, such a great vibe.

Where’s the most unique festival you’ve been to and what was so special? 
Taicho Club in Japan was definitely the most unique festival I’ve been to. It had carefully curated international and domestic electronic music. It went for 24hours a day for 3 days and was set in the middle of a forest in Nagano. It was amazing and super different to other festivals.

What was the most difficult festival you ever went to and was it worth it? 
I went to South America and played a few showcase festivals which were pretty difficult because we had little to no change over time and there was a big language barrier. We always made it work though.

Where’s your home town? 
I’m from Brisbane, Australia. AKA Brisvegas.

what’s your favourite local bar/restaurant/bar/club? 
My friend owns a bar in Brisbane called Black Bear Lodge which seems to be where I always end up at the end of a night out. It’s a bit of a Brisbane institution with great whiskey and a good crew.

Where’s your favourite clubbing destination? 
When I was in Berlin I tried to get to Berghain but it was closed because it was mid week. It’s got such a rich history of electronic music I feel like when I finally make it that will probably be the top of my list.

Is there something you can’t travel without? 
My laptop is my life, it allows me to work and make music from wherever I am in the world.

What travel destination would you recommend our readers add to their bucket list? 
I went over to Iceland in 2016 because I love all the music that comes out of there. I really built it up in my mind as being this magical place, and it totally lived up to my expectations. The Northern Lights were particularly special and something I’ll never forget.

Where was the most surprising place you discovered a big
music influence?
In Brazil I was surprised at just how infused rhythm and music is in their everyday life. I frequently ran into drum circles and parties in the streets and everyone knew every song. It was super inspiring.

The Kite String Tangle’s new single ‘Give It Time’ is out now. Watch the video HERE