Australia’s number one ska punk party band The Bennies released their forth album “Natural Born Chillers” earlier this year, packed full of party anthems The Bennies are known for. They spent a month on the European Festival circuit before returning home for a massive national tour followed by a couple of Andrew W.K. supports. The party isn’t slowing down anytime soon, except album number five in 2019.

What is your name, and what do you do?
Anty, I play synth and sing and party in the bennies.

Sum up your sound in three words.
Good times… whoops

Where did you come from, and where are you going next?
Came from outer space and I’m my mission to find my way back there

When was the last time you went to a Festival you weren’t playing, and who did you see?
I went to splendour in the grass this year. Bennies weren’t playing but I got to do a verse with Dune Rats. It was an awesome festy. Loved Yunglood, Sampa The Great and my tent had some pretty cosmic action.

Have you played any international stages? If so, where was your favourite? If not, where would you love to play?
We have played heaps internationally. Toured Japan, China, America, Singapore, Europe and Uk and America a bunch of times. Everywhere is sick for all different reasons – you just gotta find the fun.

What would your dream festival line up look like?
I guess just a really nice font, clear colour scheme and in alphabetical order

What travel items can’t you live without on tour/the road?
My Nintendo Switch is so crucial. I always regret not bringing a neck pillow as well. HEadphones are super important cos everyone snores so loudly as well.

Where in the world has been the most surprising place/music oasis that you’ve discovered?
So many different awesome ones – but one highlight was when we played island vibes on Stradbroke Island. We chilled on a beach while smoking joints and there were babes and reggae everywhere. IT was also the first time one of our songs got added to rotation on triple j… so that was like cool as!

Name 3 artists from your neck of the woods that we need to check out.
Heaps of sick band round ‘ere. Press Club are sick, Boss melody are a new reggae band that are dope and also Sweet Gold are a good time.

What do think makes Melbourne’s Music Scene so good?
The fact that everyone shits on you behind your back and everyone has slept with everyone… hahaha nah just gagging. It’s a super good place to get started as a band.. Heaps of supportive bands and good places to play.

Your favourite local bar,the place for a relaxing drink or restaurant and why?
I love this bar in the city called Horse Bazaar. ITs a Japanese bar that has really funny and random nights. On Tuesday you can get a massage and plate of dumplings for 15 bucks. We also met the owner in Tokyo when we were on tour.

Do you prefer to write in one place or whilst on the road / out and about?
I’m really shit at writing while on tour. I’d love to be good at it… but II’meel like im either partying or sleeping.

Where and when can we see The Bennies perform next?
We are playing Civic Sounds Laneway Party this weekend in AC/DC Lane Melbourne – Sunday 18 November. We are gonna be playing a bunch of new songs.

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